Alex Genadinik’s “Oh Michaelangelo” Tugs on Heartstrings

Alex Genadinik has released a new love song in anticipation of Valentine’s Day titled “Oh Michaelangelo.” The song is inspired by the painting of the Sistine Chapel and features compelling lyrics full of immense feelings.

The song is a soft ballad with a delightful piano performance that pairs well with Alex’s voice. The delivery of the poetic and metaphorical lyrics is what takes this song to the next level, along with the drums that elevate the emotion of the track. The lyrics mix the idea of a historical painting with the universal theme of love in a way that is not commonly seen, resulting in an interesting hybrid that makes this song stand out from the rest. The closing verse really ties the song together as a new painting is created in this couple’s image.

Alex is a songwriter who knows how to tell a story in his songs. With his talent, he is someone to stay in touch with to see what new ideas he comes up with. Be sure to follow more of his positive-inducing music as it’s released on his Youtube channel found here. Alex is also the founder of a t-shirt store called that also focuses on spreading positivity and building lasting connections and friendships.

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