Maryama – Song Review

Iranian American Maryama has released a new hypnotic music video for her recently released track “Where The Mermaids Are.” Derived from a fusion of Jazz and Persian influences, check out the song here:

The song slowly draws the listener in with a minimalistic approach utilizing tribal elements that convey the calmness of an empty beach. Maryama’s soothing voice combined with piano chords elicit a relaxing feeling that increases as the vocal harmonies join in. Beginning with the word “mermaid,” the song fills the empty painting with images of mysticism and feelings of spirituality with slow jazz influences. The meditative breakdown offers a passageway into the inner depths of the ocean as the echoing voice of Maryama bounces from ear to ear and we feel ourselves drowning peacefully. The song offers thought-provoking, easy-listening vibes great for dates by the bay during sunset.

The video is an accurate portrayal of the track’s lyrical themes and represents Maryama a siren herself who is calling for her listeners to join her beneath the ocean where she creates music. The scenes feature imagery as vibrant as the lyrics themselves. Directed by Benjamin Hunter, the video shows a glimpse of Maryama’s storytelling and we can’t wait to see what comes from her next.


Maryama is currently working on two new debut albums featuring her newly formed Maryama Band as well as new instrumental music. To stay up to date with all things Maryama, be sure to check her out on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, Facebook, and her official site.

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