The Conduit – Band Interview

Heavy progressive metal project The Conduit is a math rock band fully immersed in the ideology of delivering technical rhythms with detailed proficiency. The band’s latest album “Monarch” is currently available on iTunes. Today Jeff Bobbin of The Conduit spoke with ETV about the band’s sound, the making of the latest album, and plans for the future.

The Conduit is made up Bobbin who plays live with Charles Camisa, Wes Roman, and Mahlek Lawrence. The band’s songs unleash a flurry of meticulous riffs that are fast, precise, and emotionally captivating all in one.

“The music is colorful, techy, and a little unnerving,” Bobbin said. “Hopefully it’s something Conduit listeners think about a long time after playing. The music is designed to just be captivating and good, but I hope The Conduit haunts you. It’s not the happy, easy listening stuff.”

Without a doubt, all instruments shine throughout the mastery performances on record, but the guitar playing from songs off The Conduit’s latest album “Monarch” echo in memory long after the song’s completion. Bobbin said “Monarch” was written and recorded in his garage, coming from a place of self-imposed resentment.

“I was stuck in Orlando, Florida, writing most of the ‘Monarch’ album but at this time I was learning and exploring inward, reading a lot, learning new crafts, and trying to cultivate more value,” Bobbin said. “The ‘Monarch’ album is all about transition and transmutation. Taking a bad situation and making gold out of it.”

The result of that transition is indeed gold and is heard on the album’s opening track, aptly titled “Transmutation.” It’s a song featuring The Conduit’s signature shredding riffs and fierce tapping. The record is a showcase of Bobbin at his highest efficiency, demonstrating the level of skill and patience it takes to reach that level.

“I enjoy that the music is technically proficient enough to translate concept and a personally satisfying spectrum of emotion,” Bobbin said. “Performing this music is always a blast. Whether it’s vocals on stage or guitar for a few people at home, I feel like the music is versatile and challenging which makes it super fun. When people see it live they usually shit.”

In addition to recording and performing live music, Bobbin also likes to teach music. On his blog, he talks about teaching guitar through private lessons as a way of getting “students to share the same enthusiasm I have for performing guitar.” To read his full blog post, check it out here.

Currently, Bobbin is working on a new album in California that builds off the The Conduit’s current fan base by keeping them in the loop with studio updates and new releases. To stay up date with all things Conduit, check them out on Youtube, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp and their official website at

Bobbin said, “The plan is to tour the world, connect with Conduit fans, and make the best music possible.”


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