In Violet’s Mind – Solo Artist Interview

Violet from In Violet’s Mind is an Alternative-Pop singer, songwriter and blogger, from Montreal, Canada. She is inviting listeners to get lost in the dream pop world that exists in her mind. Through dark textures and cryptic lyrics, the songs created from In Violet’s Mind are about social issues, the government, her thoughts and intense love. Today, she discussed her musical influences, lyrical themes, and her plans for world domination.

“The moment I learned how to read and write was the moment I became a writer,” Violet said.

Since childhood, Violet has had multiple diaries where she would write how she felt and how her days went. Over time, her diary entries began to look more like poems and by the time she was in high school, the poems began to look more like songs.

“I never really thought about the idea of writing poems or songs, I just wrote,” Violet said. “I wrote all the time, everywhere and anywhere and, on anything.”

Violet never sets aside time to write, saying that she tried to once and it was “an epic fail.” Instead, she writes whenever she feels the need to.

“I could be in a movie theatre, at meetings, on the phone or even sleeping when an idea or thought hits me,” Violet said. “You can’t force something that is just natural.”

Growing up, Violet listened to Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, Aerosmith, The Happenings, and Jerry Lee Lewis. As she got older, she began listening to Eminem, 50 Cent, Simple Plan, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Amy Winehouse, The Jersey Boys and more recently, The Pretty Reckless. Being a 90’s kid she would also listen to the Top 50s.

Violet’s music is dark and psychedelic with a strong focus on synths and bass. Her lyrical themes range from empowerment to love songs that are inspired by personal events and tribal dark wonderland dreams. She said when it comes to making music, the ideas, melodies, tempos and notes just fly into her mind and feelings come in the form of colours.

“I have yet to unlock the mysteries of my subconscious mind,” Violet said. “It’s all quite the mystery.”

In the past year, Violet has been focusing on recording new songs in the studio. She will be releasing her EP in 2016. Eventually, Violet would like to be able to tour around the world and build up the strongest fan base the world has ever seen, with fans singing each and every song back to her. Her goal is to have enough power to make a change in the world.

“My goal is to one day open up my own organization for child sex trafficking rescue and after care,” Violet said. “This is something that is very dear to me and constantly on my mind.”

Violet is a revolutionist with a passion for music and the human race. She is looking to stay positive and to spread the love with her fans. To stay up to date with her, follow her on SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Now close your eyes and enter In Violet’s Mind. Let her take you on a trip.

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