Rabbit With a Habbit – Band Interview

Michael Apollo’s music project Rabbit With a Habbit can be seen as a solo effort and a band effort. Apollo is from, St. Louis, Missouri, and today he discussed the formation of the Rabbit and the mindset he has when making music.

For the name of the band, Apollo said that most bands had the work “death” or some other form of how hard or evil they were so he wanted to come up with a name that close to his reality.

“I was thinking what is as close to reality that describes the music – sex, drug and rock and roll,” said Apollo. “Then the sky opened and I realized I’m a rabbit, I love sex and I party, and I live the rock and roll, life can’t change that.”

Then Rabbit With a Habbit was born and a new project has been in the works since 1987. Apollo writes the lyrics and music and performs at acoustic shows. To play as a band, he scouts for band members to perform live and they remain if they wish to carry on.

The songs come out in a variety of styles, from heavy to chill and some in between. The mindset behind the band is to just play the songs and not worry about the vision of grandeur of being a star. Apollo keeps himself busy writing songs, having about 40 that are being worked on to see which songs will make it to the studio.

He has learned the importance of promoting himself across multiple online platforms. He said for emerging artists, they should create a profile on as many music-oriented sites as possible, including Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp as well as making videos on YouTube because most people discover music on this sites as opposed to traditional radio.

For now, Apollo is looking to make new music and working on sets to play at live shows. To keep up to date with Rabbit With a Habbit, check out the band Facebook page and check them out on Soundcloud.

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