Nick Lombari – Solo Artist Interview

Nick Lombari is an aspiring artist who has just released a new solo album. He discussed with us how the album was recorded, what it’s about, and offers his advice for musicians who are starting out and trying to figure out their own sound.

Lombari would describe the music he makes as a range from hard rock, to indie rock, to alternative, all with a hint of the blues sprinkled over the top. Growing up, his biggest influences were The Beatles, Eric Clapton/Cream, The Band, Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Oasis.

“Kind of an odd mix, but I got different things out of listening to each artist,” said Lombari.

Originally from New Hampshire, Lombari is now located in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been playing guitar and singing for almost 13 years now. The instruments he uses include a right handed first act guitar with the strings flipped (he is left handed) and when he uses a real bass, he sticks with the Fender Precision bass. He tries to apply all the different things he has learned from his favorite artists to his music.

“I learned some great blues guitar riffs from Eric Clapton, I learned how to write a love song from The Beatles, I learned that the guitar doesn’t need to be the most dominant instrument in every song from The Band, and I learned how to take out my anger through music from Nirvana,” Lombari said.

Lombari has been recording for about six or seven years now. The drums he creates are done completely through a program because he doesn’t have access to a drum set at the moment. When it comes to recording his vocals, he records using his trusty iPhone.

“My greatest challenge would probably be finding time to record the vocals,” Lombari said. “I live with other people so I usually can’t record when they’re home, I imagine it would get annoying with how loud I sing. All I can really do to deal with it now is just wait until I’m alone here, then I can really belt it out!”

When he does find time to sing, Lombari covers themes that range from the government, to religion, to the fakeness of the music industry. The songs are also about love and hate.

“The thing is, I write my lyrics vaguely, and I do that for a reason,” Lombari said. “No matter what my song is about, I try to write it in a way that it could be applied to a number of situations that people may be able to relate to in my songs for a number of different reasons.”

Lombari has a new album out. He started writing the songs in March and took about four months to complete it. The theme of the album covers many themes but the main one is anger.

“I’m angry at what people call great music or real music these days,” Lombari said. “I’m not saying my music is amazing or great but my music is real, it comes from a real place and is created with real emotion. Music should be something created with real emotion, not something that is manufactured and performed by talentless pretty faces.”

Through recording music, Lombari has learned how to find his own sound. He said the best way for musicians who are starting out and trying to discover their own sound should listen to a lot of different type of music and to never stop finding new artists to like. He said listening to the same type of music all the time will result in creating the same old sound.

“Always be listening to different things and evolving musically,” said Lombari. “My biggest piece of advice would be whatever you write about or sing about, make sure it’s true to yourself, and make sure it comes from your emotions.”

The singer/songwriter/guitarist is sure to continue making music, so keep up with all the latest news on Soundcloud and his twitter @NickLombari.

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