Hoodie Rob’s New Tracks are Gonna Light Up the Scene

New York producer and singer Hoodie Rob Uzumaki has recently released his latest singles “No Stress / Perky In My Fiji.” Check them out below:

“No Stress” begins with an ethereal soundscape that builds anticipation and draws the listener in for a unique experience. Synthesizers blend with Hoodie Rob’s distorted voice to create an artistic atmosphere. When the beat drops, you instantly feel the flow of the vocals and the message of the lyrics hitting you emotionally. Hoodie Rob is an expert at wordplay and story telling, and in “No Stress” the message is clear: wanting to live life the way you want without dealing with unwanted and necessary pressure. This track ultimately delivers in its intent and execution. Throughout the song, the background synth adds much to the emo-tinged narrative, and the result is a man doubling down into his chosen chaotic life.

In “Perky In My Fiji,” Hoodie Rob unites with Roman6ixV3 to form a slick beat and cleverly written track that hits all the right spots. The most stand-out aspect of the song is the top-notch lyricism that exudes in every line, making you want to listen to the track over and over again to catch every nuance. The free spirit message intertwines with the laid-back beat and will surely get everyone feeling the need to keep the party going. The song clearly takes inspiration from other rappers but makes it into its own piece of art, which will no doubt influence the next generation to come. 

The two singles are just a slice of what Hoodie Rob has to offer, and we are eagerly waiting to hear from this established and still rising star. To keep up to date with Hoodie Rob, check him out on Instgram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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